Single Asset Solutions


Single asset solutions are constructed on a “deal-by-deal” basis according to requirements. The single-asset vehicle can target countries worldwide, as desired by the investor. Single asset solutions are available to very large institutional investors.

A complementary fit to existing portfolios

This complementary product is a suitable fit for investors who are interested in augmenting existing portfolios with exposure to specific technologies, geographic regions or regulatory regimes.

Investors are involved on a “deal-by-deal” basis, yet benefit from a familiar structure with a fiduciary layer – that is, a single asset with a fiduciary layer fulfilling all the usual requirements of institutional investors.

Leveraging our industry expertise



Sourcing of attractive and suitable investments


Long duration of the investments as well as their structuring

Risk management

Active management of the assets especially of regulatory and political risk exposures


Exposure to and management of electricity price movements


Portfolio concentration and build-up of adequate diversification

Sourcing unique opportunities

We are constantly in dialogue with key decision-makers at leading utilities, project developers and specialized service providers, as well as political bodies and regulators. This enables us to source investment opportunities that may not be suitable – due to investment restrictions or concentration limits – for an existing separate account or commingled fund.

When this happens, we can offer single-investment opportunities on a selective basis to key clients. Asset-specific mandates give clients direct investment exposure to assets in special situations, enabling them to gain significant exposure to single assets or projects. A separate fund is set up to match investors with specific assets. We perform due diligence and portfolio management on behalf of the client. However, the absolute investment discretion remains on a “deal-by-deal” basis with the client.