Swiss Energy Infrastructure


This portfolio, managed by our team, is diversified across energy transmission and energy generation assets in Switzerland. The investment group’s duration is open-ended. Over 170 Swiss pension funds, or every 10th pension fund in Switzerland, are part of this infrastructure investment group.

Investment approach and focus

The Swiss investment group focuses on direct investments in energy transmission and energy generation assets, which can be complemented by investments in energy storage and energy efficiency. The structure of the investment group is unlimited in time and therefore ideally suited to the long investment horizon of energy infrastructure assets.

The investment group invests in Switzerland, primarily in key existing energy infrastructure facilities and, to a lesser extent, in energy infrastructure construction projects that use proven technologies. We focus on investments in transmission & distribution, generation & storage, and renewable energy, efficiency and heat.

Targeting supply-critical energy infrastructure in Switzerland


Swiss investment group

Focused on investments in existing supply-critical energy infrastructure in Switzerland with a defensive risk/return profile denominated in Swiss francs

Over 170 Swiss pension funds

Largest energy infrastructure investment solution focused on Switzerland with capital commitments of more than CHF 1.7 billion

Unlimited investment horizon

“Open-ended structure” with an attractive target return in Swiss francs, achieved through recurring and stable cash distributions and a hold-to-maturity approach

Long-term investments

With mostly regulated or contractually secured cash flows as well as partial inflation hedge

Strategic partnerships

Industrial players and the public sector are a central pillar of the investment strategy