Green energy for 1.5 million households

We contribute to the energy transition and a decarbonized future by managing funds that invest in the energy infrastructure space. The impact is tangible: investments made on behalf of our clients will generate enough renewable energy over the next 25 years to power 1.5 million households.

Above all, we believe that responsibility toward the environment and society is a key factor driving the long-term success of our funds’ portfolio companies. We strive to incorporate social and environmental considerations across all aspects of our work, especially within each investment decision.

During acquisition, we carry out a thorough due diligence process, evaluating compliance with environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations as well as governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) best practices. Continuous analysis, tracking and monitoring of ESG topics (Environmental Social Governance) is also a key part of investment management. This guarantees that our investments are always aligned with the standards of our institutional investor base, and enhances our technical, operating and legal risk management.

Positive contribution to sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Energy infrastructure investments essential for key SDGs

Affordable and Clean Energy

With the financing of new projects it is possible to further expand the production of renewable energies

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Investments in infrastructure are crucial to achieve sustainable goals

Climate Action

More countries are turning to renewable energy and a range of other measures that will reduce emissions and increase adaptation efforts