Value Proposition

Active Value Generation

Early involvement and active shaping of investment opportunities

Our sector focus allows us to identify potential opportunities before they come to the market. We rely on our specialized know-how to help us create a win-win situation with our industry partners and weed out less-promising opportunities early on.

Maintaining a broad sector network allows us to select the right partners; we often select our industry partners first and then work jointly to originate opportunities and collaborate long-term.

Long-term approach broadens the investment universe and increases the quality of potential investments

  • The very long-term approach we often take make us eligible as a strategic partner for utilities and the public sector
  • We are open to majority and minority positions in combination with adequate minority protection rights
  • These aspects result in a broader universe of opportunities that are often of higher quality

High acceptance and alignment of interests, as well as long-term value maximization

Structuring with a particular focus on downside protection

  • We have renowned structuring expertise, and our team has championed 4 of the 10 largest Nordic renewables transactions by installed capacity in Europe
  • Properly structuring an infrastructure opportunity often involves dozens of contracts, with the aim to strike a fine balance between finding the right level of downside protection and preserving some of the upside; when in doubt we prefer to opt for additional downside protection
  • We begin by compiling a comprehensive risk inventory during the due diligence phase. From there, we decide on an approach for each individual risk, based on whether or not mitigation measures are already in place
  • Examples of instruments we use: long-term offtake agreements, interest rate hedges, FX-hedges

Minimize broken deal costs through highly structured investment process

  • Infrastructure investments are often complex, therefore due diligence is often expensive
  • It is thus paramount to eliminate the less-promising opportunities early on and focus on those with true potential
  • This methodology results in fewer broken deal costs for our clients

Dedicated specialized asset ownership enhances asset value

  • The comprehensive risk inventory we compile during the due diligence phase is the basis for ongoing asset management
  • It helps us focus on the relevant areas to minimize downside and maximize upside
  • Each asset is owned by a dedicated asset owner, a specialist in the respective area, who takes care of the asset and is supported by the rest of the organization
  • Our investment management team is also responsible for asset, portfolio and environmental monitoring. This three-layered, dynamic approach ensures accurate tracking, general portfolio alignment including steering of systematic risks, and comprehensive understanding of the general environment which allows for adequate risk analysis and the identification of new opportunities

Layered monitoring approach as the basis for value preservation and enhancement

Three-layered monitoring approach

Each layer serves a different objective

Best-in-Class Service

We aim for an unparalleled experience when it comes to anticipating, meeting and surpassing investor needs. Our team always goes the extra mile to meet our client’s expectations and ensure all requirements are met.

Furthermore, our clients can expect comprehensive quarterly updates covering fund performance, outlook, risk exposure, regulatory developments and individual meetings and calls with our investment management team.

These reports may be tailored to better suit precise investor requests or concerns. By working collaboratively with our clients to address their needs, we are able to build up lasting relationships that pave the way for future opportunities.