Value Proposition

Defensive Asset Class

A diverse category with a resilient nature

The energy infrastructure category spans a number of economic models, technologies and geographies with different regulatory regimes – yet the asset class is united by its critical role in today’s economies, setting these assets apart from other infrastructure sub-sectors and asset classes.

Due to their macroeconomic importance, energy infrastructure investments tend to be more resilient to economic downturns and less exposed to market fluctuation compared to other asset classes. Energy infrastructure is thus defensive in nature and characterized by real asset characteristics with unique advantages compared to other sectors in the infrastructure space.

Infrastructure: Generating sustainable returns

Infrastructure requirements exceed supply

The energy sector represents a significant portion of global capital requirements and is anticipated to face tremendous growth over the coming decades. This expectation is supported by fundamental macro trends such as population growth, urbanization and broad political support for decarbonization.

Energy Infrastructure Partners is one of the few managers of collective assets exclusively focused on energy infrastructure investments. We carefully identify and select the right assets, structure them appropriately and manage them actively on an ongoing basis.