Value Proposition

Holistic Risk Management

Embedding risk management within our culture

Risk management is an integral component of our investment and monitoring process. Risk management is embedded within our core culture, and we are relentless in the pursuit of the best possible ways to manage risk.

As part of the due diligence phase prior to advancing with an investment, we perform in-depth analyses of potential risks and, where possible, develop solutions to mitigate these risks. We closely monitor all potential risks and “stress test” our assets frequently to monitor, manage and proactively address risks.

Clearly defined, robust control process

We have established a documented internal control system that upholds not only our diligent internal standards, but regulatory requirements as well. We maintain a robust internal control process that ensures adherence to the regulatory requirements of FINMA and provides a framework for applicable stipulations with respect to the various vehicles’ requisites and leading industry best practices.

Within this system, we clearly define responsibilities pertaining to risk throughout the organization, as well as channels for escalation. Risk methodology frameworks, tools and management processes are implemented across EIP. Furthermore, we generate transparency on risk situations and key trends through a comprehensive risk reporting process, thereby underlining our commitment to a strong internal risk culture.

Dedicated compliance and risk functions

Our dedicated risk management team, as well as an independent AIFM, provide guidance, oversight and active monitoring when it comes to managed funds, investment guidelines and restrictions.

A representative of our compliance team, responsible for monitoring regulatory adherence, participates in the Energy Investment Committee and in the Board in an advisory function. Furthermore, we collaborate with external experts from other jurisdictions and backgrounds as needed, ensuring the highest quality of service for our clients.

Adhering to best practices and providing transparency

Our objective is to adhere to best-practice standards globally, so that regardless of jurisdiction, clients are provided with the same rigorous quality risk management across all funds managed within the business units. Our risk governance infrastructure is designed to provide as much transparency to portfolio managers and senior management as possible and designed in a way that makes it possible to adjust certain control factors such as limitations on country, sector, or equity allocations to fit clients’ needs.

Robust platforms are in place to ensure that portfolios are managed within strict risk and performance tolerances, and that clients’ portfolio guidelines are enforced.