Value Proposition

Track Record

Proven results in Switzerland and abroad

The results speak for themselves. Today, we have completed a number of significant, landmark transactions. In Europe, we have become the leading financial investor in Nordic wind power according to installed capacity. Driving the shift from feed-in tariffs to private market offtake agreements early on, we secured a number of innovative power purchase agreements for our assets that provide stable cash flows and rank amongst the largest in European wind.

In Switzerland, we were the first financial investor to gain access to the national grid transmission system, and our public-to-private transaction with a Swiss electricity producer was the largest Swiss utilities M&A transaction of the past decade.

Proven track record of large and complex transactions in system-critical energy infrastructure assets


Industrial Partner:

EIP’s Swiss investment vehicle was the first financial investor to gain (indirect) equity exposure to the Swiss transmission grid

  • Swissgrid owns and operates the ~6’700 km Swiss transmission grid
  • Joint investment together with Swiss utility BKW as long-term partner, who became one of the largest shareholders – exercise of pre-emptive right
Fosen Vind

Industrial Partner:

Largest European onshore wind project

  • Construction of 277 wind turbines with 1,000 MW capacity in Norway
  • Co-investment with Statkraft, which is the largest European producer of renewable energy and an experienced local industrial partner

Industrial Partner:

Largest public-to-private utilities transaction in Europe of the last decade

  • Access to diversified hydro power portfolio with remaining average concession of 40 years
  • Optimized risk-return-profile through debt reduction and contractually hedged power price risk
  • Strategic market position through supply-critical generation portfolio

Industrial Partner:

Partnership with ContourGlobal, the third-largest investor in the Spanish CSP market

  • Minority stake in an operating Spanish CSP portfolio with approx. 250 MW capacity
  • Extensive operating history with solid production figures

Diversified investor base of around 180 pension funds and welfare foundations in Switzerland alone

The Swiss investment group we manage is available to Swiss pension funds and pension foundations (“Pensionskassen und Vorsorgestiftungen”). Every 10th Swiss pension fund, from all regions of the country, participates. The investment group invests solely in Switzerland, primarily in central, existing energy infrastructure facilities and, to a lesser extent, in new energy infrastructure projects using proven technologies.

The focus is on long-term equity investments, and our strategy of holding minority stakes in assets enables our investors to achieve stable returns backed by real assets. The investment group has surpassed expectations since its inception, already achieving expected returns during the build-up phase.